Matthew 2: 1-23 Discussion & Review

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Matthew 2: 1-23 Discussion & Review

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:15 pm

In our Bible Study reading this week we read about the Herod and his reaction to the birth of Jesus. One thing that I learned from reading this chapter is that when people fear the power of God you poses, they may go through extreme measures to stop that purpose that is within you.  I am sure that we all can relate to this in our own lives. A lot of the times the enemy will send someone else to do his dirty work to come up against us to throw us off our course.

In this case the wise men where sent to complete a mission. In reading this I learned that the agenda of the wise men had changed upon their encounter with Jesus. This shows the power of God. So often we can start on our way with our own agenda and once we have a meeting with God our life can change without warning

When You know who you are in Christ you will be willing to go over and beyond for your purpose. Just like the wise men where willing to die for the life of Jesus, they were willing to risk it all in order to save him, had they not where would we be today?


How do you feel about the importance of listening to the spirit? Has there been a time that you were set out to do one thing, but the spirit redirected you to do something else?

How important is it to know the voice that is giving you instructions and directions?

How does going through shape your character? This was the first attempt on Jesus life how could this have prepared him for his assignment?

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