Matthew 5:26-48 Discussion

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Matthew 5:26-48 Discussion

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:40 pm

In Matthew 5: 26-48 we learned how to react to the things in our lives that may cause us to sin. Here we take a look at how we need to get rid of the things that may keep us from living in a holy place.

Take Matthew 5: 28 the scripture said that anyone that looks at a women with evil desire for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Then in Matthew 5:29 the scripture tells you that it is better to get rid of the member of your body that serves a trap then to have your whole body cast to hell.

One thing that I have learned from these two scriptures is that each day we are capable of sin, either knowing or unknowing. The object is to once you have acknowledge that part of you that has caused you to fall short, you need to rid yourself of that thing so that you will not be cast away for that one thing when you have so much more that God can use within you.

Do not allow that one moment in flesh to make you miss the purpose that has been placed inside of you.
We have all been mistreated and as Christians we have to work harder on not allowing our flesh to win. In

Matthew 5:36-44 we learned just what to do when you are done wrong and that even in the dark times when the people that are around you have done you wrong that we have to use the power of love. Though it is so easy to give people just what they gave you. We have to always be Chrislike in our actions. We have to love inspite of the pain, we have to forgive inspite of our disappointment. We have to be willing to be the example even when we want to destroy that very thing that caused us pain.

One thing to remember when we face the things that may have been designed to cause us strife, is that the reward for being upright is far greater than the pleasure of revenge for a moment

What are your thoughts?

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