Matthew Chapter 6 Discussion

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Matthew Chapter 6 Discussion

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:45 pm

This week we read Matthew chapter 6.

In Matthew 6:18 we read about the importance of doing things in secret. We read that you do not always have to be noticed doing the works that God has for you to do. The key phrase is doing God work. Through these scriptures we learned that you do not have to let the left hand know what the right hand know what you are doing. This stood out to me because so often people will do something for someone and let everyone kno2w what has been done as if the only reason that they helped is to get recognition not as the Christian we are all called to be. Why do we as people need to be seen at all times? We need to do things in secret because it is not the people that gives the reward but God alone.
Through these scriptures it reminds us that we need to think about our purpose in doing the good deed and not all of the attention that we get for actually doing the work. God will reward us based on our heart and according to the work and the purpose. So why do we need to continue to do things according to what others will say or as a way to bring our deeds up to the person that was in need.

In Matthew 6: 19-24 we were reminded about how we should treat our earthly possessions. We have to remember that we will not be able to take any of these things with us when we leave this world. So why do we put so much stress on the things that will one day tarnish, rust, break of simply go away. When we can live a life that is pleasing to God and obtain the treasures that are everlasting. The only way you can unlock these treasures is through salvation and accepting that no matter how jacked up we are, we matter to God and he is the head of our lives, and where he leads we will follow.

Matthew 6:25-34 was a set of scriptures that I need to constantly read and meditate on. This is where we learned to stop worrying. This is one thing that I need because I analyze, when there is a problem that need to be fix, I try to think ahead at what could be done to prevent or what will happen if. Here God is telling us that if I am taking care of the birds then how you feel that I will not and cannot take care of you. God want us to trust him fully and not worry and take on the problems of the day to day, but instead trust him enough to live a favored life. I can admit as a wife and a mother I need to work on this part and this is a reminder that only God can handle the things we need because only he can see what we need before we were even out of our mother’s womb.

What are your thoughts on this weeks bible study readings?

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