Matthew Ch 10:1-25 discussion

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Matthew Ch 10:1-25 discussion

Post by Admin on Wed May 20, 2015 1:43 am

In Matthew chapter 10: 1-10 we learned about the work that Jesus and his 12 disciples done for the people. They had been with Jesus in their travels and that had seen him perform miracles and all of the works that he had done throughout the land. Jesus then gave them the authority to do the same. This to me is amazing, Jesus is powerful and does not need any help and could have easily said follow me and watch me do these mighty works. Yet he decided to equip them with the power and the same tools he has so that he can have the same impact on the land as he had. This reminds me of how God operates in us today. God has equipped us with the power to cast out spirits, heal the sick, and save a nation of lost souls. The object is that you have to position yourself in a place that you will be able to receive the power and use it effectively.

Then within these verses Jesus also told the disciples when they enter into a city to find someone that is worthy and stay there. This reminded me how important it is for us as Christians to be cautious in the places that we may dwell in. We have to remember that we cannot associate ourselves with everyone, because our assignments from God are precious and have to be protected and connecting with the wrong people could hinder the completion and the work that we have been called to do.

Another point that Jesus wanted his disciples to know was not to take payment this to me made me think of how preaching without thinking of money will keep you humble. If you set out to get money and charging for a free gift that was giving to you by God you will then begin to lose focus on what you were called to do.

On down in the chapter Jesus also begin to prepare his disciples by letting them know that there will be people that will not listen and will not receive. He told them to shake the dust off. Though we face this today, we have to remember as Jesus said to shake the dust off. We want to help others, we may even get discouraged when we feel that we are not making a difference. What we have to remember is not to get distracted by the people that do not receive us, but place our focus on the lives that we are changing by our works daily.

In Matthew 10:16-25 Jesus told his disciples that he was sending them out like sheep surrounded by wolves. Jesus prepared them for what they will face when they went out to the work of the lord. One thing about being sent out is that there is a comfort in knowing that the will not be done alone. You will not have to speak on his own behalf because the holy spirit will be there to speak on your behalf. This is something that can always remember that we will never have to stand alone of speak our behalf.

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