Matthew chapter 10 : 26 - 42

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Matthew chapter 10 : 26 - 42

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:55 pm

In finishing up with Matthew chapter ten. We read that God is giving us all instructions ad well as preparing us for the things that we will have go endure. Jesus let's us know that there is nothing that is done in secret or that is hidden that will not be reveled. This is a constant reminder that yes we may feel that we are getting over on people but one thing for sure God sees and knows and has the power to expose you right in the midst of your mess.

Then Jesus reminded us of the things that we will have to face within our own families. Mothers and daughters, in laws this is very presence today, we see so many families that have allowed the devil to come in and shift the very foundation which their family values stood on.

Through out this chapter Jesus was preparing us by warnings of the things we will face the key is to actually take heed and apply it if we are truly his servents. He said deny me and I will deny you, what better person to vouch for you and your eternal life than the son of God.

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