Matthew 12: 1-37 Disscusion

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Matthew 12: 1-37 Disscusion

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:37 pm

In Matthew 12:1-37 we read of the Pharisees and how they wanted to stop all that Jesus did. They wanted to keep him from doing great works for others. What I learned and realized that people that do not want or like change will use the laws and the word of God to try to dictate and control how and when you are a blessing to others.

In these verses Jesus reminded them that if there is good to be done then you need to do it. Just like Jesus said in Matthew 12:11-12 that if anyone has sheep and it falls in a pit and it is also on the Sabbath will you not lift them up and help them out. Then Jesus made a good point isn’t a person just as important as a sheep. So often many people will put other things over the lives of people. When it comes to helping others we are so hesitate and we find other things to do besides being a blessing to other people.

It also makes me wonder do people want others to stay in bondage so they will do anything to block them from getting it. People are so quick to help others as long as it does not make them better. So Jesus reminded us that good is to be done at all times not when it is convenient for you.

Then in Matthew 12:22-37 Jesus performed a miracle were he healed a demon- possessed man that he will be able to see and talk. The people were amazed at the miracle. Again the Pharisees did not believe in the works of Jesus and then assumed that he must be a demon to drive out other demons.
Jesus said how can a kingdom divide itself. So how can satan cast out out satan. One thing that we can take from this scripture is that no matter what good you try to do people will try to taint your work when it does not line up with what they want you to do.

What we can take away from these passages is that everyone will not accept the work that you are to do. This does not mean that you should not go forward with your purpose just because you choose to be different than the people around you.


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