Matthew 13:31-58 discussion

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Matthew 13:31-58 discussion

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:17 pm

Again here in this text Jesus begin to share with the people in the form of parables. In the next parable Jesus spoke on was the mustard seed. We have all heard if we just have faith the size of a mustard seed, God can do more than we can ever imagine. In this parable the sower sowed the mustard seed, though it was small it produced one of the largest plants in the garden, even becomes a,tree where the birds can perch. This is simply saying with a little faith the possibilities of greater are endless in God.

Then the people wanted Jesus to explain the parable of the weeds. In the parable the seeds represent the son of man, the weeds represent evil, the harvesters are the angels. In the parable when it said the weeds where pulled and burned, this represents the end of age. The son of man will send out angels and they will weed out the kingdom of everything that causes son or evil. This reminds me that throughout our lives we need to end the age of personal sins, and weed out all that hold us hostage. In the parable Jesus said the evil will be thrown in the furnace abd the righteous will shine like the sun. This tells us that the world should see a difference between the body and the world, we should never blend in where noone can tell us apart.

In Matthew 13:47-52 Jesus spoke on the parable of the net. How all the fish where gathered together, the fisherman again sat ashore and separated the good from bad, keeping the good and throwing away the bad, much like what will happen in the end, the wicked and righteous will be separated. So its important of where we end up according to how we live.

The end of the chapter was a reminder for me the prophet without honor. Jesus went out gained wisdom and knowledge came home and was not received. This happens often we operate and work our gifts but because people fail to see beyond the physical appearance, or the things of the past, they miss the spiritual man or women of God that you have been call too. We have to remember not to get discouraged, because people fail to receive us, because we have been called to certain positions that will exceed beyond a place you call home.


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