Matthew Chp 14 discussion

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Matthew Chp 14 discussion

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:27 pm

Matthew Chp 14:1-36
In verse 1-12 when read about John the Baptist being beheaded. In these scriptures we learn that Herod wanted to kill John but feared the people, because to them John was a prophet. Then as we continue reading we learn that Herod made a promise not knowing that at the end he will have to fulfill that very thing he didn't want to do.

This shows me that many times we will make promises, we will commit to doing things that we know is not right, but instead of standing on what'd right we will go through with the wrong because we feel the need to honor the promise.

Verses 13-21
Here is a familiar story about Jesus feed the 5000. In this story it says that Jesus feed the men, besides the women and children and there were still some left over. What this shows that in the midst of a touch time God can provide you with more than enough and he can multiply your little into more than enough according to your faith.

Verses 22-36
We all know the story of Jesus walking on water. We know that petter wanted to follow Jesus and do the same. I have read and heard this story many times. The revelation that I got, this time was we so many times test God, we want him to show himself mighty in our lives, and when he does and it it cause us to see the manifestation of what we asked for, we begin to get nervous, we begin to act as Peter and fear that thing that we asked for because we actually see it at work.
So why do we doubt when he is giving us that very thing we asked him for.


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