Matthew Chapter 15 Discussion

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Matthew Chapter 15 Discussion

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:24 am

Matthew 15:1-5: in these verses, we find that pharisees asked God why do the disciple not follow the traditions of the elders, in this they spoke of the disciples not washing their hands before eating. As we continue to read Jesus begun to speak on the things that they do that doesn't Hilo nor God. In verses 8-9 Jesus said they honor with their lips, but their hearts are far from him. They worship in vain, and their teachings are human rules.

Now think for a moment how many times have you being in the presence of teachings that don't line up with the word of God, since it has been passed on over time we will recite it and never question what God is truly saying.

Then Jesus explains what goes into our mouth is not what defile us, it what comes out. This is what we all have to be mindful of the words we speak,because the words you say can cause you to miss out on what has been set aside just for you.

Also as we continue in our reading we see what Jesus spoke on how are words can be heard and defile the people listening. This is why we have to be sure that when we begin to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others, or even when we want to empower our brothersite and sisters that we are in line with the word, because speaking the wrong things cold cause chaos and destruction.

Verse 21-28 spoke of the Canaanite women, this women had a daughter that was possessed, she came and kneeled before him, before this the disciples wanted him to send her away. Jesus reminded them he was sent for the lost sheep, and even the dogs eat crumbs from the masters table. He then granted her request because of her great faith. This shows us that even though people may feel we are not worthy to be in the presence of God, if we have faith in Him we can go to him with our request and it will be granted.

Through the rest of the chapter Jesus perform more miracles for three days. In this time they were hungry Jesus then took what bread and fish they had, feed them and they had more than enough. What I get from this is never look at what you have as been to small or not enough, because God is powerful enough to multiple your little into a lot...

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