Matthew 17

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Matthew 17

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:44 am

I'm this chapter of Matthew we realize how important it is to have faith of a mustard seed, as the disciples could not drive out the demon in the young boy. They were confused as to why they had no power to drive it out. Jesus told them that they have little faith.

We need to understand that so many things we could accomplish easier if we used a little faith. We have to trust that the things we set out to do that we will achieve if we trust him. Faith is conquering our fears and trusting that the unknown is a safe place and that we can defeat it and win.

So when you face what seems to be impossible remember what Jesus said here in chapter 17, just Faith the size of mustard seed can move things on your behalf.

Just like later in the verses when the mouth of the fish was opened to find gold to pay off the debt, there had to be a level of faith to trust that when the mouth was opened that everything that was needed would be there.

Remember no matter what you face you can make if you increase your faith and trust in the plan concerning you.

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