Matthew 18

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Matthew 18

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:58 am

Here in this chapter Jesus showed us a few principles that we fail to apply as people. The one thing that stood out to me was the
parable in Matthew 18:10-14
Here we learned about the wandering sheep. Now a man had 100 sheep and one wandered off, he did all he knew to do to get that sheep to return, he was more happy with getting that one than he was praising the 99 that stayed in position. Now we have missed this today in our churches. We will put more time into the ones that are in position at church and turn away the lost. We place judgement on the ones that need us and have wandered off. When we are called to the lost. Why is it easier for us to keep count of the positioned flock? Is is because it doesn't require work? Do we fear rejection?

Then we are reminded about the importance of coming together on one accord and agree on the things that we want done on earth so that it will too be done in heaven.

In 18:21-35
We see the servant that was forgiven by the master for a bigger and greater debt that was owed. Then he went out and saw a servant of his that owed less debt and was unforgiving of what he owed. It is amazing that we still display the actions of the unmerciful servant. We want God to forgive and give us chance after chance for the things we have done, but then we will not show the same grace and mercy to someone that have wronged us. I wonder why?
Though hard because we battle flesh each day we need to strive to be a little better each day and it will require us to change our minds and our approach to the challenged we may face.

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